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MODA neighbourhood

Moda is one of the most popular seaside neighbourhood of Istanbul in Anatolian side ( Kadikoy ) with its beautiful panorama . You can walk at the seaside, watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise , eat and drink in lots of cafes , restaurants and bars. You can eat of the famous ice cream in "Ali Usta". See the map to find any place in Moda .

How can we go to Moda ?
From the Old City
( European side )
go to Kadikoy

by bus or
by Marmaray ( undersea railway tunnel in the bosporus)
by ferry ( vapur in Turkish )
go to Moda

by tram ,
by foot ( 10 minutes )
If you are in the Asian side
go to Kadikoy

by metro or
by bus or

Bay of Moda Bay of Moda
Pier of Moda

Moda Pier

Built by the Architect Vedat Tek between 1916-17
Sunset  in  Moda Sunset in Moda
Cafes in Moda Cafes with sea view


Baris Manco's  Museum House

Baris Manco's Museum House

Built between 1895 - 1900 by the architect Pape for an english named Dowson. In later years famous turkish artist and singer Baris Manco lived in this mansion. Nowadays it is used as Baris Manco's museum house.
Antipa's Mansion ( Ferit Tek's Mansion )

Antipa's Mansion ( Ferit Tek's Mansion )

Built in 1912 by the architect Pape for Dr.Antipa . Turkish diplomat Ferit Tek lived with his family for many years in this mansion. The street which is in front of this mansion is named as his name , Ferit Tek.
Arif  Sarica Pacha's Mansion

Arif Sarica Pacha's Mansion

Built in 1903 by the architect Pape as most of the ancient mansions in Moda for the doctor of Sultan Abdulhamid the second Arif Sarica.
Frederici 's Mansion

Frederici 's Mansion

It was the one of he first mansions in Moda . It is built by the architect Pape in 1901 for Frederci family in the beginning of the 19th century . It is known also as Yellow Mansion.


Cafes , restaurants , bars , pastry shops , ice creamers , coffee shops in Moda . Back to Moda info