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Çırağan Palace

Ciragan  Palace

Çırağan Palace located in Beşiktaş was designed by Nigoğos Balyan was built instead of a wooden palace in the most in 1871 by the Architect Serkis and Hagop Balyann with the order of Sutan Abdülaziz. Sultan Abdülâziz , Sultan Murad V, Abdülhamid II and Sultan Mehmet V Reşat lived in this palace. After a great fire the Palace is completely destroyed except the outer walls. It is renovated in 1990 and is converted to the luxury hotel Kempinski.

The palace is a complex of buildings including Main Building, Harem and Ağalar Dairesi. Superior examples of stonework were completed by rooms with elaborated pillars. The rooms were decorated with unique carpets, gilt furniture and engravings made of mother of pearl.

Address: Çiragan Palace Kempinski Çiragan Caddesi, 32 Besiktas - Istanbul

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