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Chichen Itza

It is a ruin of one of the largest Mayan City. Roughly 180 Km. West of Cancun along the way to Merida. Chichen Itza was the regional capital controlling north and central Yucatan .

Temples in Chichen Itza:
The Pyramid of Kukulcan or El Castillo : Famous landmark of Chichen Itza
Interior Temple House of Deer
Temple of the Warriors Temple of the Wall Panels
The Great Market Akab' Dzib
Great Ballcourt Xtoloc Cenote
Temple of the Jaguars Old Chichen
Sweatbaths Initial Series Group
Platform of the Skulls Temple of the Phalli
Cenote of Sacrifice Platform of the Great Turtle
El Caracol Temple of the Owls
High Priest's Grave Temple of the Monkeys
The Nunnery Complex The Caves of Balankanche
The Red House

The Pyramid of Kukulcan or El Castillo ( The castle ): Famous landmark of Chichen Itza . This step pyramid stands about 30 metres high and consists of a series of nine square terraces. The sides of the pyramid are approximately 55.3 metres at the base. Inside the temple chamber was a Chac Mool statue and a throne in the shape of Jaguar, painted red and with spots made of inlaid jade.

Great Ball Court: Great Ball Court is one of the 13 ball courts. But it is most attractive one. It is located at the north-west of the Castillo. At one end of the Great Ball Court is the North Temple ( the Temple of the Bearded Man ). This small masonry building has detailed bas relief carving on the inner walls, including a center figure that has carving under his chin that resembles facial hair.

Temples of the Jaguar. The Upper Temple of the Jaguar overlooks the ball court and has an entrance guarded by two, large columns carved in the familiar feathered serpent motif. Inside there is a large mural, much destroyed, which depicts a battle scene.

In the entrance to the Lower Temple of the Jaguar, which opens behind the ball court, is another Jaguar throne, similar to the one in the inner temple of El Castillo, except that it is well worn and missing paint or other decoration. The outer columns and the walls inside the temple are covered with elaborate bas-relief carvings.

The Cenote Sagrado was a place of pilgrimage for ancient Maya people who would conduct sacrifices during times of drought.

The Temple of the Warriors complex consists of a large stepped pyramid fronted and flanked by rows of carved columns depicting warriors.

The Osario is a step-pyramid temple dominating its platform, only on a smaller scale.

The Temple of Xtoloc: It is built outside the Osario Platform The temple contains a series of pilasters carved with images of people, as well as representations of plants, birds and mythological scenes.

El Caracol ("The Snail") is located to the north of Las Monjas. It is a round building on a large square platform.

Akab Dzib is located to the east of the Caracol. It was the home of the administrator of Chichen Itza.

Caves of Balankanche : 4 km south east of the Chichen Itza archaeological zone , caves are a network of sacred caves which contain ancient pottery and idols.

 El Castillo (Temple of Kukulcan)
El Castillo ( Temple of Kukulcan )
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